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George V.K.

Senior Producer

Driven by the unpredictable nature of storytelling, George garnered a passion for many aspects of media production including photography, cinematography, graphic and motion design. Having immigrated to the US from Kazakhstan at a young age gave him the perspective and hunger to create impactful content that inspires thought, evokes emotion and drives universal change. When he’s not behind the camera, George spends his time writing this bio and getting lost deep in thought.

Get to know George better in this week’s Team Spotlight!

On the team 7 years 11 months

but more precisely 2896 days 4 hours 40 minutes and 20 seconds

Moment that sparked your passion

My mom bought a family camcorder when I was 16. After I figured out how to edit my short film about squeezing apple juice — I was hooked.

Desert island movie

The Fifth Element

Favorite Quote

“You can’t fail if you never give up.”

Personal Hobbies

Hiking, dancing, and hanging with my wife and son.

Favorite Childhood Memory

Eating kielbasa sandwiches and drinking homemade juice (kompot) with my grandparents on a beach by a river, in a small Russian village.

Best quality others notice

My candor

Favorite Director

Michel Gondry

Favorite Genre

Cerebral Drama

Dream travel destination

Sweden with my fam!

Favorite TV Show

How I Met Your Mother






When asked: “If you were a piece of filmmaking gear, what would you be?” George said: “C-47

“Assuming time travel is possible… what would 10-years-from-now version of you tell you today?” George said: “Be in the here and now. Be present. Because you can’t change the past, and the future never comes. But right here, right now. That you can control.”

“What is the coolest thing that’s happened to you?” George said: “I competed in a kids team drawing competition on TV in Kazakhstan when I was 7. Our team lost. We still got markers, though!”

Thanks for being unapologetically you, George.