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Tyler Castle

Shooter // Editor

Tyler graduated from Missouri State University in 2019 with a degree in Digital Film Production and a minor in Advertising and Promotion. He has worked every job under the sun, but has known that his career would be in the video production field since he was 15 years old. With narrative video, wedding videography, and instructional videos under his belt, he looks to continue improving his craft with Unbridled Media.

Tyler is making waves with his cinematography and color grading chops! Get to know him better in this week’s Team Spotlight!

On the team 4 years 9 months

but more precisely 1743 days 23 hours 48 minutes and 36 seconds

Moment that sparked your passion

I knew I wanted to be in video production since high school, I was making stupid videos with all of my friends. When we weren’t making school projects, my friends and I would participate in “vine time” where we would all brainstorm and create 6-second social content.

Desert island movie

My desert island movie is Whiplash, starring Miles Teller & J.K. Simmons and directed by Damien Chazelle.

Favorite Quote

“There are two good times to plant a tree, 25 years ago and today.”

Personal Hobbies

I enjoy playing golf with my old man and my friends, watching terrible reality shows with my girlfriend, and taking the virtual pitch for some fifa with the lads.

Favorite Childhood Memory

My favorite childhood memory is breaking up a no-hitter in Cooperstown, NY, with my first and only home-run.

Best quality others notice

I like to think people think I am driven and always striving for better.

Favorite Director

My favorite director is a tie between Denis Villeneuve, Christopher Nolan, and Wes Anderson. I think they are all experts at creating empathy and adding interest to every scene.

Favorite Genre


Dream travel destination

There’s a golf course in Norway that allows you to play underneath the Northern Lights… The northern-most links course in the world. I think I would go there.

Favorite TV Show

Ted Lasso is my favorite TV show… that last season doesn’t count.






When asked: “If you were a piece of filmmaking gear, what would you be?” Tyler said: “Light

“Assuming time travel is possible… what would 10-years-from-now version of you tell you today?” Tyler said: “Always give it your best, the rest will work itself out.”

“What is the coolest thing that’s happened to you?” Tyler said: “Attending an FC Barca match in Barcelona in a nearly 100,000 person stadium, with my girlfriend and Alex Northup is one of my favorite experiences I’ve had.”

Thanks for being unapologetically you, Tyler.