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Fabrizio Alberdi

Shooter // Editor

Born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, Fabrizio graduated from George Mason University with a degree in video production. After getting his start in professional videography as a video coordinator in the NFL, he continued to hone his filmmaking skills by creating breathtaking wedding videos, award winning commercials, and feature news stories for broadcast television. Currently, he is part of the Unbridled Media team and strives to deliver captivating content for clientele and is supported by his two cats, Arlo and Salem.

As a shooter & editor at Unbridled Media, Fabrizio has already demonstrated his prowess with the camera and quick editing skills. Get to know him better in this week’s Team Spotlight!

On the team 1 months

but more precisely 416 days 5 hours 26 minutes and 12 seconds

Moment that sparked your passion

Watching interstellar in IMAX and deciding I wanted to make something that was as impactful and entertaining.

Desert island movie

The Hangover

Favorite Quote

“I’m hungry.” ~ Fabrizio

Personal Hobbies

Watching & playing sports, snowboarding, hiking, grilling meats.

Favorite Childhood Memory

Ice skating in Montreal and discovering my love of hockey.

Best quality others notice

My work ethic!

Favorite Director

Christopher Nolan

Favorite Genre


Dream travel destination

Bora Bora or similar pacific island paradise.

Favorite TV Show

Game of Thrones






When asked: “If you were a piece of filmmaking gear, what would you be?” Fabrizio said: “C-Stand

“Assuming time travel is possible… what would 10-years-from-now version of you tell you today?” Fabrizio said: “To live in the moment more.”

“What is the coolest thing that’s happened to you?” Fabrizio said: “Being in Argentina when Argentina won the 2022 World Cup.”

Thanks for being unapologetically you, Fabrizio.