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Derik Smith

Project Manager

Derik began his career as a post-production assistant for major motion pictures and has since grown to become an ambitious and successful brand storyteller in his own right. Writing, shooting and producing for companies like Visa, AARP and Universal at his previous agency, Derik is a creative and logistical tour de force with a passion for elevating a brand’s message through captivating video content.

Get to know Derik better in this week’s Team Spotlight!

On the team 2 years 3 months

but more precisely 846 days 22 hours 27 minutes and 29 seconds

Moment that sparked your passion

There was a huge amount of BTS and documentaries created for the production of Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was amazed and inspired by the passion, craft and love so many people gave to that project. It was a huge catalyst for my interest in pursuing a career in the film and media industry.

Desert island movie

Ha – For consistency sake I should probably say Lord of the Rings! Though Im a sucker for having Ghibli movies on repeat at home as well.

Favorite Quote

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

Personal Hobbies

My dad is a full time musician and I grew up around a lot of music. I play drums and guitar and love to discover new bands/songwriters. If you couldn’t tell from my movie selections, i’m also a big nerd – I like playing board games, card games and video games with friends. I like paintings, museums and art history – Im typically drawn to the darkly surreal or fantastical works like those of Leonora Carrington or Seb Mckinnon.

Favorite Childhood Memory

In middle school my friend and I would set up forts and bunkers with cushions and blankets and have nerf gun wars. We would do it at night with all the lights out, pitch black, while ambient war sounds and heavy metal music played on speakers throughout the house. Simpler times.

Best quality others notice

I follow through.

Favorite Director

Impossible Question. I’ll always a soft spot for horror masters like Hitchcock, Murnau and Aster. Ask me again tomorrow.

Favorite Genre


Dream travel destination

A solo hike into the Black Forest in Germany.

Favorite TV Show

Mad Men.






When asked: “If you were a piece of filmmaking gear, what would you be?” Derik said: “Slate / Clapperboard

“Assuming time travel is possible… what would 10-years-from-now version of you tell you today?” Derik said: “You need to stop stress eating candy at work ASAP.”

“What is the coolest thing that’s happened to you?” Derik said: “Having and raising an amazing son.”

Thanks for being unapologetically you, Derik.