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Alex Northup

Operations Director // Executive Producer

After spending 12 years in corporate America, Alex found his home at Unbridled Media. With a degree in Entertainment Management from Missouri State Univ., Alex found his passion of fusing business strategy with creative content. When he’s not filming, he’s usually posting trendy portraits on his dog’s Instagram.

Alex is shaping operations and executive producing! Get to know him better in this week’s Team Spotlight!

On the team 5 years 7 months

but more precisely 2062 days 16 hours 8 minutes and 1 seconds

Moment that sparked your passion

My junior year of high school I went to NYC with my high school choir. One morning we snuck out of the hotel and went to the Today Show. Something immediately clicked, I was in awe of the cameras, lights, producers, talent, the entire show was a beautiful orchestra, and I obsessed over any type of live or pre-recorded productions ever since.

Desert island movie

Big Daddy

Favorite Quote

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Personal Hobbies

Big foodie. I love exploring St. Louis through unique food experiences. Additionally when I travel, I spend a lot of time searching Instagram influencers, TikTok, Yelp, etc. trying to find the best local cuisine in each city.

Favorite Childhood Memory

I was obsessed with music when I was a kid. I thought marching bands were the coolest thing in the entire world. My favorite day of the year was going to the Maple Leaf Festival, a large parade/festival in a small town in Missouri that drew thousands of people from around the state, and I would obsess over every band. Later that evening my parents would take me to the marching band competition and I was probably the only child in the stands who was enthralled with every band and performance. I still have a huge appreciation for the art, and find myself being targeted on social media for professional and college marching band drills and competitions.

Best quality others notice

I think most people find that I just enjoy having a great time. I love discovering what people are passionate about and what makes them tick. I love pouring into people and making them their best selves.

Favorite Director

Oh man, you’re asking the wrong guy.

Favorite Genre


Dream travel destination

Probably cliche, but I would live on Maui. It’s the most magical place I’ve ever been.

Favorite TV Show







When asked: “If you were a piece of filmmaking gear, what would you be?” Alex said: “That one loose screw on a tripod”

“Assuming time travel is possible… what would 10-years-from-now version of you tell you today?” Alex said: “Slow down. Enjoy your kid. Time is a thief.”

“What is the coolest thing that’s happened to you?” Alex said: “My freshman year of high school I got a B in band, because I stayed out “too late” after a football game with the drumline. I was devastated. Fast forward to my senior year, I graduated with a 3.49 GPA. .01 short of being able to get in-state tuition at the University of Arkansas, which was my plan. I re-planned to go to community college, and a month before starting I made a last-minute decision to go to Missouri State University, where I found my best friends, launched my career, and met my wife. All that led me to moving to St. Louis, getting married, having a kid, and landing this job. I always think, “What if I didn’t get a B in band?“”

Thanks for being unapologetically you, Alex.